24 hours until the funeral,

Phill falls for the girl who steals his car 

and must team up with a quirky traveler to get it back



PHILL WEXLER is an LA Loner with 24 hours to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco for his father’s funeral.  It’s an easy drive on California’s iconic Interstate-5 until Phill’s beloved Cadillac is stolen by a con-artist, GRACE, and her sinister sister, ELSA. 

In pursuit, Phill catches a ride with the oddball PERCY in his lime green VW bus.  As the unlikely outsiders chase the bandits up the 5, every exit and detour leads to an episode of the absurd, the violent, the romantic, and above all the unexpected.  A desolate climax on the back roads of California makes everyone discover a little something about themselves -- and it ain’t all good.



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Gabriel Adams

Jesse Adams


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Up the 5


86 Minutes


With 24 hours to get to his father's funeral, Phill falls for the girl who steals his car and is forced to catch a ride with a quirky traveler to get it back. 



"Up The 5, an eclectic and character-driven comedy that navigates a range of comedic styles as it follows the path of a lime green VW bus up the 5 Freeway in pursuit of a pair of con artists in a stolen Cadillac. Up The 5 is the first feature by director Gabriel Adams.” -NFMLA


All the good fortune of making this movie started with one moment of bad luck, my junior college misprinted my transcripts and I would have to wait six months until I could reapply to a four year university. So I grabbed everything I had threw it into my trunk and drove from Petaluma down to Los Angeles to stay with a friend. Naturally I took the fastest route and California’s least favorite highway interstate-5. I soon noticed a forgotten wild west that needed a story to reclaim its subtle magic. And at that moment I knew I needed to make a film, but I had never written a script or even read one. Once I got to Los Angeles I started working on film sets as a production assistant and I realize that everybody had $1 million movie that they wanted to make, So I decided I would make it on my own and do it for cheap. Four main characters, eight locations, two cars, three guns and a mini safe later I had my script! The only reason I was able to make this 86 min movie was because I was dumb enough to try. So I saved all my money for two years and spent my time in the casting room until I found the right people to play the characters. As Production was getting closer my antagonist dropped out who played an overbearing outlaw fiancé, so I picked my second best choice for the lead girl role and gave her the part of the fiancé, so instead of an abusive relationship it became a sister rivalry. Now looking back at the film I realized it’s “planes trains and automobiles” chasing “Thelma and Louise” Hope you enjoy it!


Starting as a Visual Artist, Gabriel Adams began his film career working in any and every department, and now works as a freelance production designer and set dresser on a variety of films and high-profile episodic television series, including What We Do In The Shadows, Boardwalk Empire, Orange Is The New Black, Baskets, and The Magnificent Seven, . He made his directorial debut with the acclaimed short film Fritz and The Comeback, chronicling a homeless chess master’s return to competitive chess tournaments. Gabriel spent three years developing the script for Up The 5 and assembling a cast of Hollywood stars. He also self-funded his debut feature film. Gabriel and Jesse are currently working on a second feature film Crooks, and an episodic series Cave Teens, keeping their feet firmly planted in the rich terrain of dark comedy.

Paul Toomey is a cinematographer and 1st A.C. hailing from Ireland. He has done camera work on various projects including Gone Girl, The Social Network, and Ocean's Thirteen, and Majestic men, . He donated an entire camera package to make Up the 5 become a professional film. 


Sharen Davis is an American costume designer. She has been nominated for two Academy Awards for Ray and  Dreamgirls. She is a frequent collaborator with actor Denzel Washington, having worked with him five times, most recently on the film adaption of Fences. She is currently Designing West World. 


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PHILL - Derek Chariton

PERCY - Mike Kurtz

GRACE - Grace Tamayo

ELSA - Kristen Lorenz

FRANKIE W.- Ken Berry

PHILLS FATHER- Edwin McCormick

SHAW- Shaw


CONVICT- François Meyers

DIRTY BRIDE-Lauren Bjelde


Director/Writer/Producer: Gabriel Adams

Producer/Original Score: Jesse Adams

Cinematographer: Paul Toomey

Sound Recording: Ken Pries

Sound Master: Andrew Zweer

Art Director: Pete Ibarra

Set Decorator: Lauren Bjelde

Costume Designer: Sharen Davis

Editor: The Adams Brothers

UPM: Ruby-Ann Lee

Colorist: Seth Tonk


Shooting Format: RED, 4K

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: English


Outloud Productions

Gabriel Adams


+1 707 508-6332

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